A Huge Victory for Marriage Equality

WE DID IT! Thank you to everyone who voted FOR question 6! We have made marriage equality a reality in Maryland. This is a huge step, not only for Maryland, but for the rest of the country as well. Lets keep fighting for marriage equality until it reaches every state!


Election Day

Today’s the day! If you haven’t yet, go to the polls and vote for Question Six! Let’s make history by bringing marriage equality to the state of Maryland!

Ballot Language

In 2 days we will be heading to our polling places and filling out our ballots. Before going to vote, it is crucial that we familiarize ourselves with the ballot language and know exactly what each question entails so that we can make the proper, informed decision.

The image below is a direct quote from the Question 6 ballot language. Many people that have not read the ballot language are unaware that Question 6 protects both gay couples and religious institutions. We ask that you please read Question 6 fully and take the numerous protections into account when you cast your ballot on Tuesday. We have familiarized ourselves with the ballot language, and we will be voting FOR Question 6.

The Changing History of Marriage

This photograph shows the changing nature of marriage over history. At one point in history, interracial marriage was not allowed. Gay couples are now facing the same struggle that interracial couples once faced. Certain taboos and stigmas need to be let go in the context of our modern understanding of fair treatment and equality. On November 6th we cannot focus on past definitions or beliefs about marriage because they do not apply in the modern day.

We need to vote FOR Question 6 to change the history of marriage once again by extending this right to gay couples.